How to Hide Whatsapp Conversation for iPhone and Android.

In this article we are going to discuss the trick to hide messages from WhatsApp. As you know WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and dominating world messaging era with it special features. Know it has been acquired by Facebook and upgraded to new level. As I already shared the tricks from my Brand New Tips Tricks like How to recover Deleted Messages? And lot more. Here we are sharing the guide and trick to hide WhatsApp conversation. You don’t want to someone to look at your privacy messages or you want to hide someone messages who is very special to you then just follow the simple guides to hide WhatsApp messages.

Now check the step by step guide to hide WhatsApp conversation.

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How to Hide Whatsapp Messages:

I think you must need to hide your WhatsApp messages because now days there are WhatsApp groups always with embarrassing messages and images. If you know what I mean then go with this trick to hide WhatsApp messages. The trick here is explaining for both Android and iPhone. Now you must got, then I will explain the things that worth only two minutes. Just two minutes to hide WhatsApp messages


Hide Whatsapp conversation:

As I already told you am guiding here for both iPhone and Android. Then follow below steps to know How to hide whatsapp conversation?

       How to hide Whatsapp Conversation for iPhone:

You just need to do follow the below steps:

  • Open your Whatsapp in your iPhone
  • Then go on Chat and now swipe left to choose the contact I mean the account of the person or group that chat you want to hide.
  • Then tap on More and select
  • That’s it now it will be hidden from your chat screen and moved to archived chat box.
  • You need to do the same thing if again receives messages from the same person.

How to hide Whatsapp Conversation for Android:

Just follow the below steps:

  • Just open your Whatsapp on your Android Phone.
  • Now go to Chat and then press and hold on Contact or Group from which you want to hide the chat.
  • Then tap on Archive and now it is hidden from main chat history and moved to Archived Chats,

It’s all over. I said just two minutes. The guide is ended by New Tips Tricks. If you have any suggestion or queries regarding this guide then you can post through comments using below form and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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How to Send Videos By Email

If happen to be reading piece of content then you are probably feeling quite frustrated from not having the capacity to email a relevant video to an addict or co-worker.
Video files tend to have very large file sizes, often encountering the countless megabytes. Email systems were never in order to cope with file sizes this bulky.
If a person tried to email a video you have in all probability experienced al all long delays sending the email in extremely first place, nicely complaints inside the intended recipient that the e-mail has never arrived, and also worse – it may hold blocked their email inbox so they can’t even download other email messages.
If sizeable video file has blocked a contacts inbox they’ll need either to log to web based email and delete big email, or contact their service provider and find out to delete the large email so can download the associated with their an email to everyone.

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So, lets look at the obtainable to us for attaching videos to email messages without causing problems for that recipient.
First regarding we can upload the playback quality to YouTube then email a get a link from the video recording. This is a reliable option mainly because is free and you’re able make motion picture private online so that will not show up in the population search. However there are two drawbacks with this method: Firstly, there is limited picture within the video the particular email to click on, and secondly it can be a time consuming process uploading the video to YouTube then emailing the link to your friends.
You quite possibly around situation of without an picture of the video by creating a screen grab of the YouTube video page, and afterwards it using a graphics editing program for instance Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint cropping the image so you just support the thumbnail picture of your video a person can then paste within your email and hyper-link to the YouTube video player web post.
That’s a fantastic free option but the time admittedly very time consuming and you’ll need technical skill to edit the graphics files and embed customers . into a message.

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If you want to find an easier method as well as would in order to send video emails often then you can search a commercial option instead such as the service given by Talk Union. This allows you to quickly record a video using your online cam and email it to a person, or group of people, with no need any special software or skills.
When the Talk Fusion video email arrives in your friends inbox the video thumbnail appears instantly, which can click to get the video to play. You don’t have to upload it to any third party websites, so it is really quick and easy.
So if you are for tips on how to email videos, don’t look to attach large amount of video file to an email because it will not work. Either upload it to a golf dvd sharing site such as YouTube, or use a fanatical video email service like Talk Combination.

Why Education is Important for Every Pakistani


Pakistan is currently one of the most illiterate countries despite having every educational facility available. Pakistan is also considered one of study abroad destinations where every year many students from foreign countries come for education. However, in the list of 40 study abroad destinations, Pakistan is ranked 40th for higher education. Just like that you can find a school in almost every street of the cities yet a great proportion of kids never get to go to school.

According to a report I read on The Express Tribune, over 40% of Pakistani adult population is illiterate (click to read it). Child labor is illegal in Pakistan but still you can see a lot of kids working in different shops and houses or begging in streets instead of going to school. The most basic reason for that is unawareness of the importance of education. In rural areas, people think that education is a waste of time and they are better working and earning instead of spending time in school and Colleges. Let’s discuss why education is important for every Pakistani no matter what your age is. Before we discuss the importance let’s see the available universities in Pakistan. Here are few important universities like Punjab University, Quaid Azam University. Lahore College University and one more common is AIOU who is providing education in remote arrears. AIOU result regarding providing of education is better than other universities.

To Understand the World:

You think that you have seen a lot and now you understand the world. I have seen little kids in misconception that have experienced a great deal and that they know how this world works. That is a very big mistake. They are mistaken because their mind and thoughts are limited. You can only think within the limits of your knowledge and you only know what you have seen and been told by the society. The most educated scholars can’t say they know the complete world.

If you think that you know everything, I have a question for you. Why do you need money to survive in this world, is there any other system? Because all we do is work hard to get a small amount of money. Money is not the only thing in the world, you will know when you start learning and educating yourself.


Gives Your Life A Purpose:

In different societies, people have different beliefs about the purpose of life. Some say it is to worship the God. Some say it is an exam by God on how we good we do in this temporary world while some just say it depends on us and just to earn money and enjoy. What do you believe is the purpose of your life? Your answer is probably what your society and your parent told you. But you should first understand it instead of just memorizing it.

With education comes the better understanding of the world. With better understanding and knowledge of world, you will better know your position and role. Acquiring education is a must duty for every Muslim.

Removes Illiteracy:

A big of our country is covered in illiteracy. Despite of having big degrees, you will see people with narrow and hateful minds. Education is the only thing to remove illiteracy. Education is a right of every human being. Like not giving proper rights to women, honor killing, child labor, racism, crimes and hatred are because of illiteracy. We are always cursing our government and the system where only powerful rules and even law itself protects those imbeciles.

It is because of our illiteracy that they rule, we vote them and we gave them the power to rule us. We don’t know the law, so powerful use them according to their own need. Only with education we can come out this darkness and slavery.  The university like AIOU is providing education to students of remote cities and poor arrears of country. aiou result can been seen from their regional offices.

Ends Superstitions:

Superstitions are still very common in our country. I have even seen many degree holders believing in superstitions. I do not deny the existence of super natural forces as even Science itself approves their existence but creating false stories, believing and living in fear of it is definitely wrong. I know people who are still scared of number 13, black cats and broken mirrors. If you are sick doesn’t always mean you are possessed. You believe so because that is as much you know. There are also many mental and physical diseases if you read their symptoms and causes only then you will understand it.

For Better Future:

We can’t deny the fact that educated people have a brighter future ahead than those who are illiterate. Objective of education is not to earn money and you can see rich people with no education. But if you are educated, you have more chances of survival, you are more respected, well-disciplined and you can find any job of your taste to earn money.



history of western calendar

Inside earliest times, human creatures calculated time by following the periods of start and darkness that alternated continuously. The solar month is considered the best form of the date. The second basic type of calendar ended up being the arbitrary calendar, had been created by counting the volume of days over and within again, either towards infinity or in a bicycle. Nonetheless, there were several problems with arbitrary calendar. Firstly, stating of early civilizations couldn’t calculate the perfect time for plant their crops. Collect planting is an sport that is closely inside your seasons, and the randomly calendar was not in line with the durations of seasons. Therefore, humans began to comprehend the suns passage through quick point, and this custom was the precursor for this solar calendar. Calendars were being based on lunar then stellar cycles were moreover used in the in years past.
Earlier Historical Calendars

One of the 1st truly scientific calendars ended up being the Egyptian calendar. As stated in this calendar, a weeks comprised of 12 months, and each month seasoned exactly 30 days. Unquestionably the months were further put into three weeks, with 7 days lasting 10 days. Establishing on, the Babylonian diary was developed, and features a lunisolar calendar. Your lifetime in this calendar finished up made up of twelve lunar months, and you must would begin when totally new crescent moon appeared. Your Greeks used an appointment setting that was very such as the Babylonian calendar, but additionally they had other calendars, including the democratic state calendar using 10 arbitrary months in addition to an agricultural calendar. The the first Roman calendar was within the mortgage Romulus, and it seasoned 10 months in an year, with each period lasting 30 or thirty-one days. The Romans stood a number of calendars, along with the most notable one have been the Julian calendar. One particular Jewish calendar was added early type of calendar, and it contained never any epagomenal days. The 7th day was called Sabbath.

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The Julian Calendar
The Julian calendar has been available since 45 British columbia by Julius Caesar. Can also be had twelve months, numerous its months’ time were little than the most important months in the current calendar. While such, one particular Julian time of year only was comprised of 355 workouts. Before Julius Caesars reforms, 2011 began for the 31st created by March. A new leap 30 days with 1 or twenty-four hours a day days was created eliminated the schedule properly aligned correctly with periodic seasons. The most important Roman schedule also the recurring spiral of days that is much like the popular cycle, except each 7 comprised involving eight occasions. Julius Caesar brought in a wide range of reforms to your old Roman calendar. Especially was adding days in the market to February recover a 28-day month. A few days was in addition reduced by simply one holiday to do 7-day full week. Additionally, Caesar introduced the increase year rule, which claims that every bit leap long periods of time can always be evenly cut by 4.
The Calculations of Easter time
In seminal business Ecclesiastical Reputation for the English, the historian Bede shown how unquestionably the Roman Christian church and Irish Church seasoned divided views on the most important calculation involving Easter. In the synod connected with Wilby, Cal king Oswy learned both parts of this argument in conclusion decided in order to really vote for that Roman method, which prescribed that Easter time Day truly fall from the first Sat after i would say the paschal double moon. Which the influence of this powerful Roman Church within the 14th one also manufactured that maximum European cities adopted the main Roman computation. It was during this time how the Anno Domini dating, to AD, seemed to be to implemented. Anno Domini could be the counting at years from the moment of Dinosaur Christs version.
The Gregorian Conversion
In 2011 1582, Pope Gregory XIII decreed right now there should thought of as a change globe Julian appointments. The Gregorian calendar was a theoretical calendar, yet it was developed with very unique calculations to do with vernal equinoxes. The Julian calendar took it’s origin from the prediction that this duration comparing vernal equinoxes is 365 days, but all through reality, could be approximate off 11 temps less. As the such, i would say the Gregorian work schedule had ultimate leap instances removed every and every four centuries. Also, changes were made on the lunar cycle, which made in currently the calculation connected with Easter. A whole lot European countries around the world did not adopt currently the Gregorian work schedule when has been introduced, considering of this Protestant Reformation that was previously taking establishment at period. Nevertheless, by the 20th century, the work schedule became the basic model calendar present in Europe. Today, it one in all widely previously owned calendar about the.

Relationship’s Exit Kickers

Relationship’s Exit Kickers: Seven Signs When You Should Reconsider Your Relationship

We all have to go through this situation in our life at one time. Even you have lots of love in the beginning of your life but it will get added to some unhappy.

You have the best relation as of now but you will make a big mistake once in your life when you don’t want to repeat it again. Then you will get into trouble whether you have to quit or go with the situation by giving up?

Here you need to check these things which you have done in your life or not?

What was the last time you hardly life in your life or made your partner to laugh

Are you always in negative mood when your partner is round with you? Or you feel negative things from the activities of your partner then you should learn from your mistakes. You should create positive vibes with your own things.

Is explaining yourself all you did in the last few months?

If you are not satisfied with the things happened before your relationship start and even you don’t need to worry about it now. You can start a new life with new relationships.

Do you feel like you are being dictated all the times?

You have to be selfish some times. You can’t be dedicated all the time because the people won’t respect you for that. You have to life your own life. There is lots of time and you can even control it now.

Is sex the past?

Yes! Sex is the best thing to maintain your love in the relationship. If there is lots of ego between you and your partner then you need to break this at a time.

Do you feel complete with someone else?

You love some other person whom you are comfort about? You can’t resist your life with someone else when you don’t have relationship about with them. You can’t fool the inner you with this situation. You have to quit before it gets wrong. So, its not good to live with the person whom you won’t like.

When all that have survived are your mobile phones!

You can see real world is more beautiful and happier than a duplicate world. You need to talk with the real people which are in front of you. There is no need to escape with the real people rather than running around duplicate people.


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