Why Education is Important for Every Pakistani


Pakistan is currently one of the most illiterate countries despite having every educational facility available. Pakistan is also considered one of study abroad destinations where every year many students from foreign countries come for education. However, in the list of 40 study abroad destinations, Pakistan is ranked 40th for higher education. Just like that you can find a school in almost every street of the cities yet a great proportion of kids never get to go to school.

According to a report I read on The Express Tribune, over 40% of Pakistani adult population is illiterate (click to read it). Child labor is illegal in Pakistan but still you can see a lot of kids working in different shops and houses or begging in streets instead of going to school. The most basic reason for that is unawareness of the importance of education. In rural areas, people think that education is a waste of time and they are better working and earning instead of spending time in school and Colleges. Let’s discuss why education is important for every Pakistani no matter what your age is. Before we discuss the importance let’s see the available universities in Pakistan. Here are few important universities like Punjab University, Quaid Azam University. Lahore College University and one more common is AIOU who is providing education in remote arrears. AIOU result regarding providing of education is better than other universities.

To Understand the World:

You think that you have seen a lot and now you understand the world. I have seen little kids in misconception that have experienced a great deal and that they know how this world works. That is a very big mistake. They are mistaken because their mind and thoughts are limited. You can only think within the limits of your knowledge and you only know what you have seen and been told by the society. The most educated scholars can’t say they know the complete world.

If you think that you know everything, I have a question for you. Why do you need money to survive in this world, is there any other system? Because all we do is work hard to get a small amount of money. Money is not the only thing in the world, you will know when you start learning and educating yourself.


Gives Your Life A Purpose:

In different societies, people have different beliefs about the purpose of life. Some say it is to worship the God. Some say it is an exam by God on how we good we do in this temporary world while some just say it depends on us and just to earn money and enjoy. What do you believe is the purpose of your life? Your answer is probably what your society and your parent told you. But you should first understand it instead of just memorizing it.

With education comes the better understanding of the world. With better understanding and knowledge of world, you will better know your position and role. Acquiring education is a must duty for every Muslim.

Removes Illiteracy:

A big of our country is covered in illiteracy. Despite of having big degrees, you will see people with narrow and hateful minds. Education is the only thing to remove illiteracy. Education is a right of every human being. Like not giving proper rights to women, honor killing, child labor, racism, crimes and hatred are because of illiteracy. We are always cursing our government and the system where only powerful rules and even law itself protects those imbeciles.

It is because of our illiteracy that they rule, we vote them and we gave them the power to rule us. We don’t know the law, so powerful use them according to their own need. Only with education we can come out this darkness and slavery.  The university like AIOU is providing education to students of remote cities and poor arrears of country. aiou result can been seen from their regional offices.

Ends Superstitions:

Superstitions are still very common in our country. I have even seen many degree holders believing in superstitions. I do not deny the existence of super natural forces as even Science itself approves their existence but creating false stories, believing and living in fear of it is definitely wrong. I know people who are still scared of number 13, black cats and broken mirrors. If you are sick doesn’t always mean you are possessed. You believe so because that is as much you know. There are also many mental and physical diseases if you read their symptoms and causes only then you will understand it.

For Better Future:

We can’t deny the fact that educated people have a brighter future ahead than those who are illiterate. Objective of education is not to earn money and you can see rich people with no education. But if you are educated, you have more chances of survival, you are more respected, well-disciplined and you can find any job of your taste to earn money.



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